Read carefully the terms and conditions of use of the website www.elektrocargo.de


Within the present document, the following terms are used with capital letters, unless otherwise indicated in the context, and have the meanings indicated below:

SITE: represents the Internet SITE belonging to AMR Elektro Cargo, located at the address www.elektrocargo.de, through which the USER has access to the information concerning the services and products offered / provided by AMR Elektro Cargo.

www.elektrocargo.de represents the company AMR Elektro Cargo with the seat in Ettringerstrasse 6 86842 Turkheim , tax number:138/219/60775, VAT-Number: DE332494314.

USER: represents the person who accesses the SITE , for private or professional purposes, and who has accepted the TERMS and CONDITIONS of the present SITE , fulfilling in this sense all the requirements of the registration procedure.

The MISUSE constitutes the use of the SITE contrary to the practice in the field, the regulations and the legislation in force or in any other way that may cause damage to www.elektrocargo.de

Buyer : natural person, legal entity (company) or other legal entity that issues an order.

Seller: Doru-Ionut Gavruta, with the registered office in Ettringerstrasse 6 86842 Turkheim, tax number 138/219/60775, VAT-Number DE332494314, IBAN opened at the bank DE46 1001 0010 0390 1981 32.

Sales contract – any contract on the basis of which the professional transfers or undertakes to transfer the possession of the products to the consumer, and the consumer pays or undertakes to pay their price, including any contract whose subject is both products and services.

Distance Contract – any contract concluded between the Professional and the Consumer within a sales or distance service system, without the physical presence of the Professional and the Consumer, with the exclusive use of one or more means of distance communication, up to and including the moment when the contract is concluded.

Shopping Cart : means the online form of the basket consisting in its entirety of Products selected by the Client from the Site for the purpose of purchase.

Order : electronic document for communication between the Buyer and AMR Elektro Cargo whereby the Seller agrees to deliver the Products, the Buyer agreeing to take delivery of the Products addressed and to pay their equivalent value.

Account: Area of the Site, with access through an e-mail (username) and a password, which allows the Buyer to issue an order. The area includes information about the buyer, his history in the site (orders, invoices, favorite products ). It is the responsibility of the buyer to make sure that the information he/she enters for the creation of the account is correct and updated.


Content of the site

The information published on the SITE is information of general interest about www.elektrocargo.de, the products it markets, its partners, as well as other information that AMR Elektro Cargo considers to be of interest to the USERS.

AMR Elektro Cargo is the owner of all intellectual property rights concerning the SITE, its design and contents, as well as those registered by AMR Elektro Cargo and published on the SITE. The USER is obliged to respect all the intellectual property rights of AMR Elektro Cargo provided by the legislation in force.


Use of the Site


The USER undertakes to use the SITE for purposes and by means that shall not constitute an abuse.


Limitation of the responsibility of AMR Elektro Cargo


The responsibility for the content of the Site.

AMR Elektro Cargo cannot be held responsible for damages caused by errors, inaccuracies or non-updates of the published or maintained information of the Site, which are not due to its fault.

In the event that the prices or other details regarding the products / special offers are displayed incorrectly, including due to the fact that they were incorrectly entered into the database, we reserve the right to cancel the promised delivery of the product and to inform the customer by telephone / e-mail in the shortest possible time.

E-mail in the shortest possible time if the product has not been delivered yet.

The product labels presented on the SITE are provided by the manufacturers and / or suppliers and AMR Elektro Cargo assumes responsibility for the accuracy of this information.

The prices of the products presented on this SITE are informative and may be subject to change without notice. The special offers presented on the SITE are valid in the indicated time period. In case no time is indicated, they are valid within the limits of the available stock. All products displayed on this SITE are valid within the limits of the physical stock. In case of exhaustion of the stock, the representative of AMR Elektro Cargo will present alternatives, by displaying similar products in relation to the aspect and technical specifications of the ordered product whose stock has been exhausted.

Likewise, the images on the SITE are shown as examples, and the delivered products may differ from the images in any way, due to the change of marks, design without prior notification by the manufacturer.

A product in pre-order is a product that is to be launched on the market and can be purchased before its market launch. The Supplier reserves the right to change the market launch date without prior notice. The products in the pre-order will be added to the basket in the same way as any other product of the Online Store. By making a pre-order, you are assured to receive the product immediately after its launch and to enjoy a very good price. The products on pre-order will be delivered on the day of the launch or at most 15 working days after the launch, in case the product is available in the AMR Elektro Cargo stock on the day of the launch. In case the product comes into AMR Elektro Cargo possession after the day of market launch, the delivery shall be made in 20 working days from the date of receipt of the product into AMR Elektro Cargo stock. Pre-orders are paid in the same way as a regular order, by any of the accepted payment methods. In any situation (payment on delivery or online payment) it is necessary to receive a telephone or email confirmation from an operator at the time the product will be available. You can waive the pre-order at any time. If the latter has already been paid, you can opt for the refund of the amount or the crediting of your account for the purpose of another order.


Note – any unauthorized intervention will implicitly void the warranty of the product!


AMR Elektro Cargo reserves the right to complete and modify any information on the SITE.

Any problem caused by the products and / or services presented on the SITE will be solved amicably within a period of 15 working days from the day of written notification of the problem by the USER.

AMR Elektro Cargo shall not be responsible for any loss, costs, proceedings, claims, expenses or other liabilities, in the event that they are directly caused by the non-compliance with the Terms and Conditions.

AMR Elektro Cargo shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the malfunction / non-operation of the SITES, as well as for those resulting from the impossibility of accessing certain links published on the SITE.


The use of the Internet browser AMR Elektro Cargo guarantees the optimal use of the Site by minimal use of the Internet Explorer 7.



Delivery of the products


Delivery Dates

Delivery dates are between 7 and 10 days from the date of acceptance of the complete order. You will be notified by telephone at the time of the order’s departure from our warehouse. If you wish the delivery to be made on a certain day, please inform us at the time of sending your order.

Transport and Delivery

The transport and delivery of the orders is carried out by express courier or by our own fleet, from Monday to Friday and the costs of the transport (order, return, guarantee), are borne by the customer.

Return of the products

As a consumer you are entitled to send a written notice that you renounce the purchase of the product(s). You are entitled to withdraw from the present contract, without giving the reasons, within a period of 14 days, starting from the day of receipt of the product(s). The product(s) shall not show any trace of damage or signs of use, they shall be in perfect working condition and they shall be accompanied by all documents with which they were delivered. Destruction, damage or malfunction of the product will result in the impossibility of returning the products and AMR Elektro Cargo owner Doru-Ionut Gavruta, cannot be held responsible for this. The return of the products is at the expense of the buyer, who can choose any type of transport service.


IT SHOULD BE NOTED: The refund of the countervalue of the returned products will be made only after their inspection and confirmation of the condition of the products by the seller, the presence of all documents that accompanied the product, within a maximum of 14 days from the date of registration of the return. Any such request/notification regarding the return shall be dutifully sent to the email address office@elektrocargo.de


In case the Customer submits a written request, AMR Elektro Cargo, owner Doru-Ionut Gavruta, may replace the returned products with other products. In this case, the cost of the return will be borne by the consumer.


We inform you that any complaints regarding the aesthetic defects of the products will be taken into consideration and investigated only if they are reported within the first 48 hours from the time of taking over the product.


The methods of payment for the completion of an online order is:  Bank Transfer.


Delivery of products, delivery dates:

The entry of the order does not constitute its confirmation. After the order is accepted, it is processed by our staff for confirmation and determination of the delivery details.


The delivery date is 7-10 working days from the confirmation of the order. If you want the delivery to be made on a certain day, we ask you to inform us at the time of the order transmission.

The Warranty


The term warranty is stated in the warranty certificate that accompanies the product.

We ask you to keep the purchase invoice, the warranty certificate and the user’s manual in case of any complaint regarding the non-conformity of the product. For any complaint, we ask you to provide us with a written notification. In case of non-conformity of the product, the consumer has the right to request the repair of the product, its replacement or, as the case may be, the refund of the value of the product. In case of complaint, the seller may repair the product, with the possibility of payment or refund of a price difference. If the seller determines that the product cannot be repaired, he will make its replacement. If the product is not available and the consumer does not wish the replacement of the defective product with another product, the seller will refund the consumer the equivalent value of the product, within a period not exceeding 15 calendar days from the date of acceptance of the written complaint and the defective product.


The damages of the products, which were not brought to the attention of the Seller at the time of the takeover of the product by the consumer, for the purpose of granting the warranty, are not covered by any warranty. Unauthorized interference with the product, non-compliance with the instructions, as well as its use in conditions other than those for which it was designed, will void the warranty.


In the period of Easter holidays, winter, Black Friday events, as well as throughout the duration of other campaigns of the Company, the processing of an order as well as its delivery may take between 15-20 working days.

Access to the SITE of www.elektrocargo.de

This includes the consent of the USER, namely that his personal data shall be kept and processed by the company AMR Elektro Cargo, Owner Doru-Ionut Gavruta.


The purpose of processing these data includes:


– Creation of a database for the preparation of statistical reports, information about special offers or the activities carried out by AMR Elektro Cargp, through any means of communication (e-mail, telephone, SMS, etc.). AMR Elektro Cargo, Owner Doru-Ionut Gavruta is the sole owner of the information collected by this site and it undertakes that the personal data shall not be disclosed or rented to third parties for the purpose of sale, in part, by them.


The only exception to this rule is the direct marketing agent who will perform various specific actions agreed upon by AMR Elektro Cargo, based on a type document NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and a contract, both confirmed by the Legal Department.



This is done through various types and specific instruments as well as : through the professional soft to track the traffic, the application of the newsletter management, by storing in the database various contact forms available on the site, which are filled out by the user, through online questionnaires, etc.. We use the IP addresses to study the navigation possibilities, to manage the site, to follow the interests of the users and to use demographic information for internal consumption. All of these pursue the goal of increasing the ease of use of the site and publishing information in the interest of users that is as relevant as possible.


Restricted access and (un)registration

There are areas in the site that require registration (see Registration) or subscription (see Newsletter). In the case of the newsletter, each issue/alert will also include the type of unsubscribe; likewise, if this option is acted upon, the unsubscribe will be applied immediately, with no confirmation required on the part of the user. Depending on the type of registration (creation of a site account, subscription to the newsletter, use of the online form for crediting), it is possible to request from the user data such as: Name, first name, email, address, company, etc.). These data are necessary for the identification, validation or registration of the subscriber’s account, for the evaluation of the data included in the online crediting form.



The site elektrocargo.de uses cookies, these are stored on the computer, mobile device or other equipment of the user, containing information about them. The use of the mechanism of the cookie type represents an advantage in favor of the visitors, allowing the retention of a navigation option in the site, as well as the language in which the site appears, the type of filter applied when viewing certain pages, the retention of the user name and password for quick access to the content of the site. The non-acceptance of a cookie does not mean that the user is denied access to the navigation on the site, the reading of its contents. With the help of cookies, the site owners can track the interests of users and segment them towards certain areas or applications of the site, which allows them to later improve the navigation interests, the introduction of content relevant to the user, etc.


Cookies that, from a technical point of view, are not obligatory to be used on the user’s terminal, will only be used if the user gives his express and unequivocal consent in this regard, by ticking the categories presented. The user will be able to withdraw his consent at any time, by changing the corresponding browser setting used, in accordance with our cookies policy.


The Links

This site includes links to other sites, but AMR Elektro Cargo is not responsible for the privacy policies applied by them. We recommend that you read the legal terms and other information regarding the collection of personal data. The norms stated in this text will be applied only in the case of the data collected on this site.


Notifications and actions concerning the information about the users
By written request of the Users, dated and signed, sent to the address of AMR Elektro Cargo, the latter undertakes:

a) to confirm to the Applicants whether or not it processes personal data, free of charge, once a year;
b) it shall not process the data whose processing does not comply with the Ordinance on the Protection of the
of the person and the free circulation thereof, to correct, update, block, delete or transform them into anonymous data.

c) to provide the User with the personal data concerning him/her, which he/she has provided to AMR Elektro Cargo in a structural format, which is used on an ongoing basis and which is automatically transferable for the purpose of transmission to another Operator.
d) to stop the processing of the personal data of the User, if the User
requests this.



If a user’s identifying information is changed (for example, zip code) or if the user wishes to opt-out of our services, we will endeavor to correct, update or delete those personal data entrusted to us by the user. This can be done either from the registration page or through the contact form.


Any modification of the terms of the present policy will be communicated to the users by email, so that they will be constantly aware of the data that we collect, how we use them and under what circumstances, when they are available, we publish them. The users can agree or disagree with the use of the information to other ticks. We will use the information in accordance with the policy within which the information was collected, in accordance with the Confidentiality Policy (link to the Confidentiality Policy).




This site takes all security measures necessary to protect the personal information of our users. At the time of entering personal data on our site, the information is protected both offline and online. All personal information is processed through secure pages using the SSL encryption system, which is indicated by the symbol of a lock whose location varies depending on the type of browser you are using (e.g.; at the bottom of the window if you are using the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser or at the top of the window if you are using the Google Chrome browser). To find out more information about the security standards used by these sites, please access the Help.


By agreeing to the present document “Terms and conditions of use of the site elektrocargo.de”, the users assume the full risk.


The Failure

In case AMR Elektro Cargo, Owner Doru-Ionut Gavruta. fails to perform its obligations, the Buyer shall notify the Seller regarding the breach of the Terms. In the event that the two parties do not reach a solution within a reasonable period of time, the Buyer may cancel the order by sending an email to the address: office@elektrocargo.


Force Majeure

The parties cannot be held responsible for the non-fulfillment of the obligations, if this condition appears due to an event of force majeure.


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